Metals Compatibility

Corrosion caused by electrochemical reactions can occur in metals when two metals differing in voltage potential are combined in such a way that the metal with the higher voltage potential lies higher up on the structure such that rain water flowing over it serves as an electrolyte.
In practice, however, the danger of corrosion is often over-estimated. The actual extent of corrosion depends not only on the area ratio of the neighbouring metals, but also on their actual service potential.
Experience has shown, for example, that no problems arise when RHEINZINK¨ is combined with

- Aluminum
- Lead
- Galvanized steel
- Stainless steel

When RHEINZINK¨ and aluminum are used together in construction, there is often direct contact between the two. Although some deem this to be problematic, there is, in principle, no risk of contact corrosion.

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